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Are you planning to stay in Kodaikanal but want to visit a private waterfalls farm? Here is the choice. 


There is a farm in Perumal Hills that adjoins Kodaikanal Wildlife sanctuary, far from built-up habitats with only the echoes of c. 5000 yr-old dolmen circle belonging to a lost civilization whose remains survive amidst the beauty of Mother Nature. The farm is hosting eco-campers in South India and is situated at about 4000 ft above sea level in the Western Ghats mountain range. Camp covers about 200 acres, and are surrounded by forest where elephants, Indian gaur, deer, colourful birds, and other wildlife exist.

Is this not a perfect place for you to do a day's trip? But read instructions below to see if this suits you.

Why should you do this day's trip to Waterfalls Farmhouse?

  • To experience the huge 200 acres farmhouse
  • To access private waterfalls, get drenched, take photos and to take a dip in the pool 
  • To feel great after the experience 

Read Special Instructions before booking

  • Farm is located 20 km from Kodaikanal lake.
  • 400 meters uphill trek is required from the road. It may take 15 mins or more. Recommended for youngsters or fit ones. Rainy days may make it difficult to walk with gravel soil.
  • Vehicle needs to be parked on the road side. If you are worried about the vehicle, you can discuss with property before booking.
  • Farm is eco friendly which runs on solar power. Generator is switched on only when it is needed.
  • Food will be basic, cooked by farm cooks.
  • Trekking inside the farm or to the waterfalls can be done by guests with the direction guidance from the Farm team.


Rs.800 Per Person

INCLUDES day time trip to the farm, access to the waterfalls and a farm lunch

EXCLUDES any transport up the farm, any guide assistance and anything else. 


- Refund policy - Non-refundable / date not changeable in case of cancelling weekend / long weekend or holidays bookings (Friday, Saturday & Sunday Check in) within 7 days prior to the date of check in and 95% refundable or free date changeable in case of weekday cancellation one day prior to the date of check in. Non-refundable / date not changeable in case of cancelling weekday booking on the da

7 Hours 05 Dec, 06 Dec, 07 Dec, and more South India
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