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The fruitsnbeans mountain resort is a nature inspired, simple yet sublime plantation hideaway. The resort comprises of six comfortable rooms with spacious bathrooms. Long verandahs and separate sit outs add to the charm here.

The dining hall is a bridge across the stream. For people who like their meals with a generous dollop of ambience, this place will rank high.

Fruitsnbeans mountain resort is an ideal getaway for

  • adventure seekers
  • avid birders
  • lepidopterists
  • odonate watchers
  • keen wildlifers
  • all embracing nature lovers
  • those who want to indulge in the zen of doing nothing in very salubrious environs
  • those who relish the ineffable allure of simplicity

If you can relate to any of the above – WELCOME to our resort for that special exotic holiday.


There is no room service.

There are no TVs anywhere.

Food and accommodation will be provided to drivers at nominal cost.


The resort hosts a range of activities in accordance with the seasons.

  • Rock Pool:

    We have a natural rock pool.

  • Play ground for children:

    We have an awesome play area for Children.

  • Plantation walk:

    a walking tour around the estate can be quite an eye opener.

  • Rock climbing:

    we have the perfect challenge for the novice mountaineer.

  • Idling:

    The gazebo by the river is a real cool place for that, a tall cocktail (made with the fruits of the season) to keep you company would make it ideal.

  • Camp fire:

    Late evenings can get chilly, it’s also the time to spot fireflies.

  • Our lounge:

    has a billiard table and a very small library.

  • The Birds:

    More than 120 varieties of birds have been identified here. The state bird of Tamil Nadu - The Emerald Dove, can be spotted here. 25 varieties of butterflies and counting. The Southern Birdwing and The Blue Mormon, the largest two butterflies in India, can be seen here. By the river, we get more than our share of dragon and damsel flies. We have yet to learn the names of these beautiful little creatures.

  • The Bees:

    Every year, the coffee and orange blossom attracts a dozen or more colonies of the Indian Rock Bees (apis dorsata) to the estate. They build their huge hives on our Albizia trees in march, raise a new generation and fly away by july. We know not where they come from, nor where they go.

  • Wild Life:

    Gaur, barking deer, giant grizzled squirrel, palm civet and wild boars are frequently sighted. A Spotted Linsang (prionodon pardicolor) accidently fell into the siphon tank in the estate, making us aware that they lived here. Panther, mouse deer, wild dogs and jungle cat make for rare sightings.

The tourist hill station of Kodaikanal is 60 km away, the temple city of Madurai is 100 km away. Day trips can be arranged to either / both places. If needed, you can use the resort car and driver.


Single – Rs 5,000 + Rs 575 GST

Double – Rs 7,000 + Rs 805 GST

Group Bookings – Rs 2,500 + Rs 255 GST per person (4 Persons to a Room)

Inclusive of all meals, coffee/tea and taxes.

Check out time – 10 AM

Extra person - Age 5-10 Years:- Rs 2,000 + Rs 200 GST

10 Years and above:- Rs 2,500 + Rs 255 GST

Children below 5 years will not be charged.

1 Night 2 Days Available on request South India
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Periyur, Tamil Nadu 624101, India View on Map