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Kodai Dome Stay to give some exciting experience on the Kodaikanal Hills, Tamil Nadu, India. Stay is Glamping Geodesic Domes Stay with required comfort in terms of Cot and washrooms. There are many add on experiences you can do as listed below in the itinerary section.  

Vilpatti Dome Stay

Price starts form Rs.5040 for two adults (Rs.2520 per adult on twin sharing basis) with breakfast & taxes. Price changes for extra person or child above 8 years. For child under 8 years, breakfast cost will be at actual. WhatsApp

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Contact us for unique stays suitable for family and friends like larger rooms in a farm house or unique homestays with experiences like hiking, trails, campfire, etc.. Click here for more....

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1 Night 2 Days 09 Dec, 10 Dec, 11 Dec, and more South India
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What is included in the tour

  • Glamping Dome Tent Stay with double cot and attached washroom as per package chosen. Meals depends on the package chosen.
  • GST included.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Anything not in inclusions
  • All experiences in Add-ons.
  • Experience Dome Stay
  • Interesting Experiences

We are an experiential travel firm, providing 'experiences' in our 'Trip Lead' or Subject Matter Expert moderated Fixed Departure Trips or Private trips facilitated exclusively for you. Here, we are proposing the itinerary for the private trip. 

For Leisure Travellers

Day 1 - Reach Dome Tent, choose add on experiences, stay at the dome tent stay

Day 2 - Morning walk inside the farmhouse, Breakfast, check out, According to your interest, see places like Silver Cascade Falls,  Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Pillar Rocks, Mannavanur Lake, Poombarai Village view, Pine Forest, Dolphin Nose, and Coaker's Walk on your own. 

Adventurers can try offbeat places like Kookal Falls (will take 3 to 4 hours of both side walk), Perumal Malai (Peak of Kodaikanal), Vattakanal falls (trek down for 10 mins to reach falls).

Other add-on 'Experiences'

Go to 'book now', select date to view cost for add on experiences.

3 Hrs Dolmens Trek & Lunch

Dolmens were structures built over 1000’s of years ago by our ancestors who roamed these mountains and forests. If you are a History buff, listen to the story behind their existence. Get to know a bit about our civilisation and how the past aligns with the present. Its a beautiful trek to the top from a valley.Birds, Streams, Nature Pools & Farms are all a part of the experience.

Guided Movement and Flow Meditation

A Beautiful opportunity to let yourself wander freely through your body and mind. Kartika Dubey is a trained flow meditation facilitator who will personally facilitate you through this one of a kind experience. Invigorate your body and mind with our wellness and mindfulness guru. Engage with the meditative psychology of ecstatic movement. Meld into a free flow state and feel the energy of love and creativity grow. There are no age and fitness constraints. The session will be tailored to clients' abilities, including persons with disabilities.

Kukkal Village Walk - A Day of stories

A Day in a 4th generation village and beautiful drive through the mountains, Pine forests and streams. You will be treated with lifestyle, culture, architecture, food and stories. A relaxed day of exploration. You will travel to Kookal, a village in Kodai located 31 kms away from the town, uphill. This village is home to the most famed mountain rice fields and lush green sholas.The village brims with ancient tribal mud architecture and has a simple history of 3 generations of migration. You will also be taking a trekking route to explore the local forest. This experience starts early in the morning so be prepared for an early day.

Spice Valley Farm & Wild Lands - Tour & Lunch

A walk through 200 acre plantation farm. Picnic Spots, Beautiful views and running streams feature this wonderland. A day of rejuvenation and peace. Walk through a 200 acre farm with stone houses, camping sites and fruit orchards. A private waterfall in the middle of the farm is both scenic and inviting. Trek up the nearest hill to the most amazing picnic spot that is picturesque and soul quenching. It’s a day of serenity, silence and connection. A fitting end to this trek would be a visit to the Dolmens caves which are thousands of years old and being awestruck by the stories that your friendly guide narrates.

Bird Watching (Wonders of western Ghats)

Minimum of 2 persons required to operate. It takes around 45 mins to 1 hour to reach Birding spot from the Dome stay. Feedback about the Birding Guide and the Birding location is great. A walk through the valley opening up to a hidden world of callings, sightings and excitement with a seasoned instructor. Walk through the lush green farms and forests - you’ll hear these small wonders calling, mostly after your guide shushes you. It feels like entering a whole new realm and when you realise that there is a world that you were never aware of, you will want to know more. We tweak the experience for first timers and beginners so don’t worry, hop on for a one of a kind experience.

Night Jeep Safari

This experience happens in the early evening. a jeep ride through the town and in to the outskirts of kodaikanal. Breathtaking views and exciting moments makes u rush to the edge of the seat. Entering the off-road in the dark is an experience by itself. Manoeuvring through the forest and farms you will reach an unbelievable space for tea and snacks.


1. Drive to the Birding place may take 45 mins to 1 hour one way.

2. Please check for charges before taking any jeep ride or experiences. There is a minimum number of persons required to do certain rides / experiences. 

3. Check-in time is 12 Noon. For early check-in, please contact stay place directly. We will share stay place contact number once the booking is done. There are no common washrooms in stay place for guests or for Driver. If you reach Kodai early, you may have to find options to freshen up elsewhere and reach stay place at the check-in time. 

3. Lunch, Dinner, Campfire and add - on experience as listed below can be provided at extra cost. 

4. Availability given in calendar is indicative. Please inquire with us to get current availability.

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