KeyTerns brings fine memories to your travel and provides travel services in the following areas.

  • Personalized Travel

    • India and International travel packages

      • Customizable as per your requirements

      • Personalized based on your special needs such as inter connected rooms, vegan or vegetarian or Jain meals, etc. 

  • Experiential Stays

    • Experience the best 5 / 4 / 3 Star stay

    • Stay differently in Farmhouses with Private Waterfalls, Tree Houses, Dome Tents, Cruise, Caravan, etc.

  • Themed Travel

    • Expert designed Private or Shared or Curated short or multi-days Themed Travel Packages in Heritage, Culture, Architecture, Geo Heritage, Birding, Wildlife, Spiritual, Wellness and Adventure

  • Corporate Travel

    • Conferences and Team Outings

  • Educational Travel 

    • ‚ÄčLearning trips for Schools, Colleges and Training Institutes


KeyTerns serve Comfort / Luxury / Budget Group / Corporate / Education / Foreign / NRI Travelers

KeyTerns actions are purpose driven, and values based

  • Purpose of KeyTerns is to make every travel experiential
  • Our Values are - Applying integrity, Being Kind and Customer Centricity
  • We support "Sustainable Planet" in our Business and Beyond Business as below.
    • People 

      • Well-being for all

      • Inclusive culture 

      • Recognition and gratitude

      • Supporting local businesses

    • Planet

      • Energy Savings (Using Reusable water bottles, Promoting Eco friendly stays & trips, Educating plastic free environment, Conserve energy, Biodiversity, Climate Action, etc.) 

Our sustainable planet actions are based on United Nations World Tourism Organization Guidelines.

Customer Reviews

We have been providing quality services to our customers as evidenced by the reviews in social media. Links are given below. If you would like to talk to any of our customers / partners, please let us know. We will be happy to share coordinates.

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Our Experiential Trips

We strive to enhance thematic experience for the traveller in providing a unique stay or designing a great thematic package in Heritage / Culture / Nature / Adventure / Spiritual / Wellness

Heritage Trips

We have been doing Archaeologist / Historian / Architect curated trips to various Heritage places such as Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Thanjavaur, Tirunelveli, Chettinad, Madurai, Belur, Hampi, and so on. Sharing one of the trips that was covered in Indian Express. Please click the link to read more. 

We have a great number of customers who always look for a great Heritage experience in terms of stay / travel.

Madras Through Metro

We also innovatively curated old heritage monuments and places by taking a group on Metro. More on 


Educational Trip

We have done Geology based unique trips for Students.  Sharing a photo album of a Geology Education trip that we did for a school. We are keen to do more in Eco-tourism, Plant Science, Heritage, etc. for students.