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Chennai, Day's Trip To Senji With The Trip Lead - Tour
  • Senji
  • 16 Hours

Chennai, Day's Trip To Senji With The Trip Lead

₹ 2,150

About Senji and the trip Senji Fort is one of the surviving and best forts in Tamil Nadu. This 12th century fort was occupied and improved by several rulers from local to Maratha to Nawabs to British. Fort is built around the three hillocks. The place and monuments are stunning. Place has several stories.  Are you excited to visit these places? Join our trip. Why should you join this trip? To see the place and monuments from Heritage and Photographic perspective To hear the stories to know the history and culture of this region To have safe trip - KeyTerns team will drop solo female travelers at home if our last stop is after 10 PM.  Much more Learning simple mobile photography is complimentary. Senthil will teach during the trip. Price: Rs.2150 Per Person Price Per Person (6 years and above) is Rs.2150 and Price Per Child (below 6 years without seat in the vehicle) is Rs.0 which INCLUDES Gingee moderated trip from Chennai with a Guide, AC Vehicle, Entry Fees at Gingee Fort, and GST and EXCLUDES Food and anything else.  Pick up / Drop back point(s) - Near Alandur Metro. You can also board at any point on the way from Alandrur Metro to Senji. If we have 5 or more participants from any other place like OMR, we can also change our return route to drop them on the way.   Note: Food break will be given  Schedule and sequence are subject to availability and change. 100% advance is required. 95% will be refunded if the guest cancels 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. 100% will be refunded if KeyTerns cancels the trip. Would you like to book now? Booking guidelines Book online - https://www.keyterns.in/senji-fort-day-trip-from-chennai Please contact +916369988017 / keyterns@gmail.com for any queries Our Other Fixed Departure Trips   Plan: Start from Chennai by 6 AM. Stop for Breakfast. Reach Senjee by 10 AM.  Cover Kalyana Mahal, Venugopala swamy Temple, Rajagiri Fort top, Rani Fort, Ponds, Ranganatha temple, Sad – at – Ullah Khan Mosque, Stepped Tank, Gymnasium, Elephant Tank, Horse Stable, and Granary with a lunch, coffee / tea and dinner stops. Reach Chennai by 10 PM with loads of photos and fine memories. Plan Notes We may cover the following depending on time Mel Chittamur, Singavaram rock cut, Ekambareshwarar temple and Anjaneyar in Bas relief  The following will not be covered Mandagapattu Jain rock cut, Esalam,   About KeyTerns:  KeyTerns is into Experiential Travel providing Unique Stays, Expert Experiences, Experiential Packages for Luxury, Solo, Family, Corporate and Student Travellers in Leisure, Adventure, Heritage, Birding. where every traveler gets fine memories for the lifetime. Purpose of KeyTerns is to make every travel experiential. More..   

Kodaikanal Day''s Trip To Waterfalls Farmhouse - Tour
  • Kodaikanal
  • 7 Hours

Kodaikanal Day''s Trip To Waterfalls Farmhouse

₹ 800

  Are you planning to stay in Kodaikanal but want to visit a private waterfalls farm? Here is the choice.    There is a farm in Perumal Hills that adjoins Kodaikanal Wildlife sanctuary, far from built-up habitats with only the echoes of c. 5000 yr-old dolmen circle belonging to a lost civilization whose remains survive amidst the beauty of Mother Nature. The farm is hosting eco-campers in South India and is situated at about 4000 ft above sea level in the Western Ghats mountain range. Camp covers about 200 acres, and are surrounded by forest where elephants, Indian gaur, deer, colourful birds, and other wildlife exist. Is this not a perfect place for you to do a day's trip? But read instructions below to see if this suits you. Why should you do this day's trip to Waterfalls Farmhouse? To experience the huge 200 acres farmhouse To access private waterfalls, get drenched, take photos and to take a dip in the pool  To feel great after the experience  Read Special Instructions before booking Farm is located 20 km from Kodaikanal lake. 400 meters uphill trek is required from the road. It may take 15 mins or more. Recommended for youngsters or fit ones. Rainy days may make it difficult to walk with gravel soil. Vehicle needs to be parked on the road side. If you are worried about the vehicle, you can discuss with property before booking. Farm is eco friendly which runs on solar power. Generator is switched on only when it is needed. Food will be basic, cooked by farm cooks. Trekking inside the farm or to the waterfalls can be done by guests with the direction guidance from the Farm team. ​PRICE Rs.800 Per Person INCLUDES day time trip to the farm, access to the waterfalls and a farm lunch EXCLUDES any transport up the farm, any guide assistance and anything else.  Notes - Refund policy - Non-refundable / date not changeable in case of cancelling weekend / long weekend or holidays bookings (Friday, Saturday & Sunday Check in) within 7 days prior to the date of check in and 95% refundable or free date changeable in case of weekday cancellation one day prior to the date of check in. Non-refundable / date not changeable in case of cancelling weekday booking on the da

Mamallapuram Heritage Trip - Tour
  • 6 Hours

Mamallapuram Heritage Trip

₹ 1,800

Explore UNESCO listed Mahabalipuram Mahabalipuram is a gallery of Rock cut Temples and a testimony to the creativity of Pallava dynasty. Rocks and Sculptures have stories. Highlights: Mesmerising narration, unheard stories, unseen places. Visiting 7th Century Built monuments & temples – Rock-cut architecture, Shore temple, Lighthouse, Tiger caves, Arjuna Penance, All the Chariots (Rathas), Lighthouse, Mahishasura Mardini cave, Varaha cave, adhi Varaha cave temple, Ramanuja mandap, Varaha mandap, Thirumathi cave and so on. Walking around 2004 incident unearthed 2000 years old Subramaniya temple excavated site Looking at wonders of nature – Krishna Butter Ball, Sea Shell Museum Shopping seashells, stone sculptures and handicrafts And much more.. Do you feel like visiting Mahabalipuram? Why should you join this trip from KeyTerns? To know more about Pallava dynasty To hear the stories from the Guide or to get Historical, Archaeological, Architectural & Mythological views from the Heritage Storyteller with Archaeology background who is well appreciated - Refer to KeyTerns TripAdvisor page And much more.. PRICE Package A - Expert Curation with guest arranged Transport for Curator from Chennai- Rs. 9000 up to 5 persons and Rs.1800 per extra person INCLUDES Curation & GST EXCLUDES Entry Fees and anything else. Package B - Normal Guide Service - please check with us.   Package C - Expert Curation without Transport for Curator from Chennai - please check with us.   How to Book Find more details and book in https://www.keyterns.in/mamallapuram-heritage-trip Please contact us on +917550042234 for queries.   ~ Team KeyTerns   www.keyterns.in, making every travel experiential  | Experiential stays & Travel | | Leisure | Heritage | Birding | Wildlife| Adventure | | Luxury | Budget Group | Corporate | Students |. Register for https://www.keyterns.in/collections/fixed-departures #Mahabalipuram, #Mamallapuram, #Heritage, #Archaeologist, #KeyTerns, #Historian, #Sculpture, #Archaeology, #storytelling Note: Refer to our earlier trips Photo album Venue, Curator details, etc. will be shared once the registration is complete. Schedule and sequence are subject to availability and change. Payment Terms - 100% advance is required. Cancellation Policy - 95% will be refunded if the guest cancels 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. 100% will be refunded if KeyTerns cancels the trip. Refund is given within a week's time from the date of travel. Expert Curator profile: Trip is curated by Vijay, the Heritage Storyteller with an Archaeology background, Historian, Excavation Specialist, Researcher and a Wildlife Short film maker. He is passionate in Heritage and Culture, is dedicated and has received several recognition, appreciations, certifications for his work. Places to be covered in general Tiger Cave: Our trip starts with the visit to Tiger Cave, a fine rock-cut monument complex. It gets its name from the carvings of the tiger heads on the mouth of a cave which forms a part of the complex. Curator may pose a question and answer. Is it a sculpture of Tigers or something else? Why was ‘so called’ ‘tiger cave’ built? Is it incomplete? Do you see two elephant heads and what could they have been? Do you see one Lingam with three different designs and what do they mean? Do you see a nice storyboard sculpture where ‘Asura’ is indicating to stop the attack while the Goddess is chasing him and what’s the story? Saluvankuppam We now take you to another interesting excavated site. Do you know that a 2000 years old temple complex was discovered by a team of archaeologists left exposed by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami? Was it just a Pallava-era shrine? How did they conclude that it could have been 2000 years old? What materials were used? Interact with the curator during the trip to get more. What deity was worshipped in this temple 2000 years back and what was the evidence? Shore temple Do you know that the Shore Temple complex was named as ‘Seven Pagodas’? What does it mean and where are the rest of the temples? Who built the Shore temple? What’s the significance of the architecture? Is it unique? Arjuna’s Penance Arjuna’s Penance is one of the magnificent monuments of Mahabalipuram. This wonderful base air relief dates back to the mid-seventh century. Standing tall at a height of 43 feet, the monolith was carved on the face of two huge adjoining boulders, making its length around 96 feet. The majestic structure cannot be made out in photographs, it deserves to be praised by one’s own eyes. Now, you see a stunning sculpture of a depiction of an instance in the Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’. Do you know the Arjuna Penance story? Curator will narrate. Do you know that there is another story around sage Bhagiratha and what’s that? Along the wonderfully carved sculpture, you will see the sculptor’s touch of humour amid the holy – a cat mimicking Arjuna’s penance to a crowd of mice. Are you serious & curious to see that now? Pancha Rathas (Five Stone Chariots). Pancha Rathas is a monument complex at Mahabalipuram. Pancha Rathas is an example of monolithic Indian rock-cut architecture.The ‘Ratha’ temples are cave temples made of rocks. The rathas are regarded as the five rathas of Pandavas, the eminent characters of the Mahabharata. Krishna Butter Ball – natural or god’s creation or human made or alien made: We will visit this amazing wonder. This monolithic granite rock found in Mahabalipuram India, is over 20 feet in height. With its width almost equal to its height, it looks spherical in some angles but not a perfect sphere. It weighs over 250 tons and miraculously stands on an extremely small, slippery area of a hill. What’s the other name for this rock ball?Do you know that this rock was the inspiration to create the famous dolls and what they are? Lighthouse Next in the plan is to climb up new and old Lighthouses. They are stunning for photography and marvellous to see around from the top of them. The new lighthouse with a circular masonry tower made of natural stone was constructed in the 19th Century. Do you know that Mamallapuram was one of the oldest trading ports with foreigners and a 7th Century built old lighthouse is evidence? Sea Shell Museum Next stop is at the optional Sea Shell Museum, which is the largest seashell museum in India. It houses over 40,000 specimens of rare and unique seashells, fossils, shark teeth and whale fins which offers visitors an amazing visual treat and a unique perspective.

Chennai, Guided Birding With Spot Scope, 2 to 3 Hours - Tour
  • Chennai
  • 4 Hours

Chennai, Guided Birding With Spot Scope, 2 to 3 Hours

₹ 1,500

Some parts of Chennai and some outside are becoming wonderful bird watching sites. How nice will it be to go with an experienced Birding Guide using a high quality Spotting Scope / Binocular? Join the Birdwatching trip to enjoy your time. Why should you do Birdwatching Trip with KeyTerns? To get enhanced birdwatching with the Guide using high end Spotting Scope / Binocular To do Birdwatching in the best locations depending on the season as chosen by the Birding Guide. To experience the best Birdwatching, and learning several species of birds, their behaviours, sound and life. To photograph best birds Much more Testimonials: We have been getting appreciations for doing great job in Birdwatching trips. You may find in Google and TripAdvisor. Recent Birdwatching appreciations are below "A great experience with a true pro!" Birding & Hiking in Talakona and Tirupathi Cost: Rs.7500 Up to 5 Persons and Rs.1500 Per Extra Person  Includes Curation only and excludes Transport, Food, Entry Fee, Camera / Video fees, all fees for Foreigner, and anything other than inclusions. More details are in Chennai Birding and refer Birding page for more Birding trips. Please contact 7550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com to book. Pickup Point: At the Birding location as agreed with Guide Photo album:  Click here 1 and Click here 2 Note: Venue, Guide details, etc. will be shared once the registration is complete. Sequence, if given, is indicative. Itinerary is subject to change Package booking terms: 100% to be paid for booking. Birding Guide Curator profile: Curator is Subbu. He is a passionate Birdwatcher, Bird call specialist, Bird sound recorder and a Researcher providing lectures at various places. He can identify a bird by listening to the sound. He has contributed a lot to the Bird counting and is part of various Birding organizations. He uses high quality Spotting Scope or Binoculars to spot the birds at distance and explains. One of the recent contribution - The Hindu - Arunachal yields a potentially new songbird Customer Appreciation     #BirdWatching, #Birding, #Telescope, #SpottingScope, #BirdSanctuary, #Flamingos, #Ornithology, #Ornithologist To get regular updates on this trip and future trips, kindly join the Birding WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KrBvBj3WpIuKvjUlabmaXR  

Chennai Museum walk by Heritage Storyteller, 2 Hours - Tour
  • Chennai
  • 2 Hours

Chennai Museum walk by Heritage Storyteller, 2 Hours

₹ 1,180

2 Hours Chennai Museum walk with a Heritage Storyteller Chennai Egmore Museum, started in 1851, has rich collections. It is the second oldest museum in India after the Indian Museum in Kolkata. Museum has several galleries. either Stone gallery or Bronze gallery will be covered in this walk. Highlights: Led by the Heritage Storyteller, 4 dimensional narration that includes archaeological, historical, architectural and mythological   Learn about Egmore Museum, its origin, seeing rich and classic collection of artefacts. Understanding sculptors' creativity Much more... Latest reviews - "It was one of the best experiences. ...Vijay (Heritage Storyteller) was able to paint a wonderful picture around history, art, religion, science. Kudos." "It was really a mind blowing experience to know our past culture in detail and ancestors artistic talents on each sculptures." More on KeyTerns TripAdvisor page. Cost: Rs.5900 up to 5 Persons.  Extra Person Cost for Adult is Rs.1180 and for Child is Rs.450  INCLUDES: 1. Heritage Storyteller leading the walk, 18% GST EXCLUDES: 1. Any fees to be paid to Museum, 2. Transport upto Museum. Anything not covered in inclusions. Notes: Venue, Trip Leader details, etc. will be shared once the registration is complete. Sequence given is indicative. Itinerary is subject to change Package booking terms: 100% to be paid for booking. 100% money will be refunded if KeyTerns is not doing the trip or Paid money will be refunded after deducting 5% refund charges if the guest informs the organizer before 6 hours of trip start time. Please contact 7550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com for booking. High level plan: 1. Book first, 2. Get the confirmation, 3. Pay, 4. Meet the Trip Leader at venue and buy Museum tickets, 5. Join the Group Museum walk with the Trip Leader. Photo album: Museum Album - Courtesy - guests Places to visit: Stone gallery at Chennai Egmore Museum. Page Museum Photo Courtesy: sendyl.travelogue Trip Leader profile: Trip is generally led by Vijay, Heritage Storyteller, Historian, Excavation Specialist, Archaeology Researcher and a Wildlife Short film maker. He is passionate in Heritage and Culture, and has received several recognitions, appreciations, certifications for his work. #Museum, #Heritage, #Archaeologist, #KeyTerns, #Historian, #Sculpture, #Archaeology

Chennai, 9 Seater Yacht Sailing, Hourly - Tour
  • Chennai
  • 2 Nights

Chennai, 9 Seater Yacht Sailing, Hourly

₹ 13,000

Would you like to celebrate Birthdays / Anniversaries / Family outing / Corporate outing / Employee Recognition / Friends outing? Join our *Boat Trip or Yacht Trip* at Royal Madras Yacht Club and have some fantastic experience at the sea’. Suitable for anyone, no age limit. Let’s get your adrenaline pumped with our 9.3 Metre lifestyle yacht. What do you get? – Ride a on a 9 seater private Yacht, Music System and Fishing rods on board. – Briefing about Chennai Port, Ocean – 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours Sailing available with Life vest – Mesmerizing experience of being inside Chennai Port with rustic and gigantic ships, viewing some of the old ships. – Get a hands on feel on how to drive the boat Why should you choose a Party Boat? – Encouraging Kids to use vacations and to educate them about ocean stories and safe sea adventure – You can celebrate birthdays / anniversaries / recognitions / events – If evening is chosen, one can see a beautiful Sun set. Photo albums: 9 Seater Yacht Experience Video  https://photos.app.goo.gl/zQR1M4bQrbzVY4Ge6/ https://photos.app.goo.gl/rQwbFwbRPNxYY9BL7 For details & booking, please contact +7550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com. Note: – Only Indian Citizens are allowed. – Trip starts at Madras Port entry point. Exact time & venue of assembling will be informed to registered participants 2 days prior to Sailing date. – Apart from this, we do other water sports such as Sailing, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Row Boat, Rafting, Kayaking, and Jet Ski. We also organize cruise, houseboat, corporate, team outing, group and celebration trips for Birthdays and Anniversaries. For details and booking, please contact +7550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com. ship tour in chennai, boat ride in chennai, chennai ship travel​, this is like a cruise or ship or a boat or a catamaran ride or a parasailing.

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