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Chennai Experiential Trails - British Era Stories from Fort St. George to St. Thomas Mount

British came to Chennai in 17th Century and ruled till the year 1947. This Experiential Trail is curated by the Story Teller and will cover key monuments from Chennai Fort St. George to St. Thomas Mount. 

Fort St. George is the place where British had their administrative office in Chennai. The Fort has a beautiful St. Mary's Church, and a Museum with many artefacts. There are interesting stories connected to the origin of British in Chennai, and the St. Mary's Church. 

St. Thomas Mount is a small hill where St. Thomas, one of the direct apostle of Jesus, is believed to have lived. It Means that the St. Thomas Mount has 2000 years old stories. It is fascinating to be on top of this small hill to understand about St. Thomas. St. Thomas Mount is geologically significant as the rock type is Charnockite and there are interesting stories related to Charnockite rock of this hill.

Book this trip to understand the stories and experience of the British Era in Chennai.

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