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What to experience under water dive & explore marine life?


You don't need any swimming skills for this wonderful outing amid colorful fishes on Pondy Coastline. 

This unique 30 minutes scuba diving experience takes you 12 mts/ 40 ft under water and you can do either One Half a day Programme or Two half a days programmes :

Same Day Programme 

  • Reach Scuba Diving place by 6 AM, get the Pool training, boat ride on the sea, do scuba and reach shore by 1 PM.  

Two Days Programme

Day 1 - Pool training and briefing session ( 2-3 hours max depending on the numbers and between 10 am and 4 pm) 

Day 2 - Sea diving ( 6:30 am to 1 pm - you will not be under water for this long but the session can take this much time or less) 


1. SCUBA equipment during the programme ( including diving costume)

2. Certificate of Completion from PADI which is valid for a year and can be used anywhere in the world at a PADI dive center

3. Snacks on the boat
4. Cake, Photos and video are complimentary


Please note that you have to keep a gap of at least 12hours after one dive, 18hours after two dives, and 24hours after multiple dives before taking a flight.  
If you plan on taking a flight back home, please keep these hours in mind and let us know your flight dates.

4 Hours 29 Sep, 30 Sep, 01 Oct, and more