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Bookmark this page and choose our Birding trips. Birding is passion and hobby for many. With Birding, one aligns with nature. Birders are environment and bio diversity sensitive. Birding is soul fulfilling, meditative, learning and so on. KeyTerns, an Experiential Travel company and Subramanian Sankar, Experienced Birder, Nature sound recordist, and a Naturalist have been doing talks and trips on Birdwatching, Birding Photo Travel, Bird Calls and much more. 

Why should you join our Birding trips?

  • For Birding in best locations
  • For learning more on Birding
  • For networking with like minded

Why should you join Bird call workshops / talks?

You will find resources and techniques to improve your bird identification skills and record bird calls and enjoy the nature and raga of birds more than ever before.

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  • Join our active Birding whatsapp group(s) to interact with like minded. Please fill up the profile form - Upon submission, we will add you to the relevant whatsapp group(s) as per your choice in the form and will send you updates on Birding trips & talks.

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Successful Bird call session

Organized ‘Dawn Chorus Edition 1’ on Bird calls and received a great response. Participants included Birders, Nature Enthusiasts, Morning walkers, Hikers, and Wildlife enthusiasts.

Click the link and watch the edition 1 with headset -