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Some parts of Chennai and some outside are becoming wonderful bird watching sites. How nice will it be to go with an experienced Birding Guide using a high quality Spotting Scope / Binocular? Join the Birdwatching trip to enjoy your time.

Why should you do Birdwatching Trip with KeyTerns?

  • To get enhanced birdwatching with the Guide using high end Spotting Scope / Binocular
  • To do Birdwatching in the best locations depending on the season as chosen by the Birding Guide.
  • To experience the best Birdwatching, and learning several species of birds, their behaviours, sound and life.
  • To photograph best birds
  • Much more


  • We have been getting appreciations for doing great job in Birdwatching trips. You may find in Google and TripAdvisor. Recent Birdwatching appreciations are below


  • Rs.7500 Up to 5 Persons and Rs.1500 Per Extra Person 

Includes Curation only and excludes Transport, Food, Entry Fee, Camera / Video fees, all fees for Foreigner, and anything other than inclusions.

More details are in Chennai Birding and refer Birding page for more Birding trips.

Please contact 7550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com to book.

Pickup Point:

  • At the Birding location as agreed with Guide

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  • Venue, Guide details, etc. will be shared once the registration is complete.
  • Sequence, if given, is indicative. Itinerary is subject to change
  • Package booking terms: 100% to be paid for booking.

Birding Guide

Curator profile: Curator is Subbu. He is a passionate Birdwatcher, Bird call specialist, Bird sound recorder and a Researcher providing lectures at various places. He can identify a bird by listening to the sound. He has contributed a lot to the Bird counting and is part of various Birding organizations. He uses high quality Spotting Scope or Binoculars to spot the birds at distance and explains.



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4 Hours Available on request Chennai