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Mallai Cave Temples Walk, the innovation in Pallava Period - Tour
  • South India
  • 1.5 Hrs on Zoom, 3 Hrs at Mahabalipuram

Mallai Cave Temples Walk, the innovation in Pallava Period

₹ 900

Success 12 participants appreciated Mallai Cave Temples Walk at Mahabalipuram with an online session  After several months, we re-started heritage talks and trips and successfully delivered the Mahabalipuram trip. It was a very niche learning only on Cave Architecture. Big thanks to Sivasankar Babu Sir the Curator, Vaithee, the organizer and all the participants.  Photos Please see some great photos here  Testimonials - Extract of some testimonials are given below. It was a interesting and informative session A big thanks to the organisers- we all enjoyed and thanks to the all the group members who made it enjoyable  Good experience. Happy moments Thank you for your time .it was an amazing experience for me. Special thanks to Mr. Vaithee for coordinating with us. Looking forward for some more guided trips.  What next? a. Mallai monolithic rathas   b. Mallai structural temples and bas-reliefs c. Kanchi rajasimha temples How can you register.  If you have any travel requirements in Heritage / Culture / any other, please submit your requirements. We will call you and discuss - Sharing below the details of Mallai Cave Temples trip for reference. We will redo this in future.  Humans did not forget their earlier dwellings .  Cave Mandapas are one of the earliest forms of Rock-Cut Architecture, replicating their earlier natural cave dwellings .   .Cave temples in Tamilnadu were popularised during 6th CE by early Pallavas and Pandyas Mahabalipuram or Mallai near Chennai was a veritable university for sculptures and architecture of temples .. Here we can see the Cave mandapas from its basic form to the fairly well developed form incorporating the styles of concepts Brick and Mortar temples of 6th CE Participants will get educated on how cave manadaps evolved and how they experimented in various forms in Mallai in a short period of < 100 years .  This will be followed by a Early Morning Guided tour of the Cave Mandapas of Mallai, where you will be able to appreciate the finer points of the art as detailed in earlier day Talk .  Who is this for? Any Heritage Enthusiasts, History or Heritage Students.  Anyone who wants to know little more in-depth than the normal tourist WOW views Why should you participate? To know how the cave architecture evolved in India and Tamilnadu To learn more about the fundamentals and innovation in Cave architecture To hear interesting stories and history behind the creation To be at the cave temples physically to understand all the learnings from video Talk Curator Profile Both online Video session and Cave walk on the next day will be curated by Mr. Sivasankar Babu, an experienced Heritage Enthusiast whose profile is given below.