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This 3 hours trip is designed for those who are seeking to achieve mindfulness to keep the mind calm.

Who will be benefitted from this trip?

  • One who wants to know the mindfulness techniques based on India's Spiritual tradition along with Western's philosophy
  • One who is seeking a simple but a powerful meditation technique
  • One who wants to know Vivekananda and his teachings

Why should someone choose this trip?

  • To get the simple understanding of the functioning of the mind that solves majority of life problems
  • To get a mindfulness state and a powerful lifetime learning of a meditation technique
  • To experience the Meditation in a meditation hall where Vivekananda stayed and meditated.
  • To have better understanding of mindfulness by watching a Mind your mind 3D Movie and chatting with the Master
  • To understand Spiritual tradition of India and their philosophies while walking around the popular Chennai beach and visiting the Vivekananda House to explore its Beach, Culture, Filter Coffee and much more. 


- Rs.5000 upto 5 Persons. Extra Person Cost is Rs.1000 Per Person. 

INCLUDES Curation by Mindfulness Master, Meditation with a Coffee at a Cafe EXCLUDES Entry Fees, Transport and anything else. 

Meeting Point

- Vivekananda House, Chennai Beach Road.


  • Meeting the Mindfulness Master over a cup of South Indian Filter Coffee
  • Meditation Teaching
  • Visiting Vivekananda Memorial on the Chennai Beach, Watching 3D Movie, Practising Meditation
  • Walking on the Chennai Beach, chatting with the Mindfulness Master   

About the Mindfulness Master who will be leading

Mr. Chandrasekar is a is a Wellness Master who is a Meditation Trainer, Life Coach, and a Spiritual / Philosophy Teacher. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and spirituality, mastered various techniques, and has a wide range of knowledge in a different school of philosophies. He has spent years having a deeper understanding about mind, philosophy, and human behaviour. He studied the thinker’s mind like JK, UG Krishnamurti, Osho, Dostoevsky, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Louise Hay and Sri Bagavath; explored Philosophies like existentialism, phenomenalism, Absurdism, Vendatha, communism, capitalism.

3 Hours Available on request Triplicane, Tamil Nadu
Pickup point
Vivekananda House, Marina Beach Road, Neelam Basha Dargapuram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India View on Map