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About Wellness Stay

Its an Experiential Social Travel with a bit of Volunteering. Lets understand further.

Experiential travel is all about experiencing something in Nature, Adventure, Heritage, Village, Culture, Spiritual, Wellness, etc.

Social Travel is all about many like minded Solo Travellers joining together to travel to contribute to the environment or people. Social Travel is different from normal travel. In normal travel you pay for all services. In Social travel, you help environment and people unconditionally apart from paying the money for the cost of trip. So, it has got bit off a Volunteering travel. 

Social Learning Travel is where you get to learn something new. 

About this Stay

If you and your friends / families need like minded travellers to explore a new place which is refreshing, amidst the hills, trekkable or hikable, safe, and apt for meditation and relaxing, you would like this place.

Sat Darshan Retreat Centre is a lifestyle learning centre situated in a micro forest farm on the banks of river Siruvani near Vada Kottathara which is close to Anaikatti. Anaikatti is on the way to Silent Valley National Park from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 

What do you get from this trip?

  • Teachings you get from Sat Darshan Team headed by Mr. Anand. This place is owned SatDarshan was founded and established by R. Ananda Kumar in 2006, with the objective of setting up a yoga and meditation center aligned with the principles of alternative communal living.
  • Experience of Fireflies show - Because this place is maintained like a forest, there are more fireflies in the night. Show starts from 7 PM. Its watching a Fireflies show. March, April and May are the peak months. Still it is stunning in other months if there is no rain. After watching the show, you walk around the forest where you will see fireflies sparkling and glowing all around you. Its an exciting experience. It will be like you are walking on the dark sky with stars glowing around you. Show does not end there. You go to the river side, sit on the rock in the middle of the river and watch the forest to see the fireflies glowing. Its a must watch amazing experience indeed. PC - Mohanram Balakrishnan (MRBClicks)