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A scenic outing with your loved ones to escape the summer heat. Explore the hidden gems of Kodaikanal with KeyTerns.

Why Kodaikanal?

At 2000 meters above sea level & nicknamed “Princess of Hill Stations”, Kodaikanal enjoys cool, pleasant climate that makes you forget your summer worries. With a perfect blend of touristy & offbeat locations, lush grasslands & splendid forest cover, this town has something for every traveller to replenish their soul with.

Best Time to visit during Summer: April - May, perfect to escape the summer heat.

How can KeyTerns help you in Kodaikanal ?

A. Niche Experiences with KeyTerns

B. Stay alone (Luxury Resorts or Unique Stays or Budget Group Stays)

C. Private / Shared / Hosted Packages

Details can be seen below. 

A. Niche Experiences with KeyTerns:

We at KeyTerns focus on providing you the best experiences that Kodaikanal has to offer.

Since Kodaikanal has a diverse geography that includes pristine lakes, lush grasslands, dense forest, deep valleys, many waterfalls, tall pine forests, quaint villages, scenic walks & numerable view points, we have specifically designed 4 trips so that you don't miss out on anything.

  • Off road adventure trips

    • Puliyoor Ghat Section on a Jeep Safari- Dolmens Trek into the wild lands- Kukkal Village Walk- Night Jeep Safari

  • Forest trip

    • Silent Valley view- Fire tower- Cap’s fly valley- Berijam lake- Mathi Kettam Sola

  • Village trip

    • Gundar Falls- Gundar Falls Pine Forest- Palani Hills view- Mahalakshmi Temple- Poombarai Village trip including Murugan temple, Mannavanur Sheep farm & Lake

  • Valley trip

    • Coaker’s Walk- Upper Lake view- Pambar Falls- Green Valley View- Golf Course- Pillar Rocks- Devil’s Kitchen- Pine Forest- Moier Point- Bryant Park

  • Unique Stay options coupled with Experiences detailed below

B. Stay Options:

Kodaikanal has several unique stays that includes dome tents, farm houses, wooden cabins, bubble tents, igloo tents, tree houses, A Frame wood houses, container homes, home stays, hotels and resorts. You will find some of the best properties.

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Glamping is one experience that must be on everyone’s bucket list & Kodaikanal offers the best of the lot with its unparalleled views. It’s the most sought after experience by travellers & often runs on pre booking services. Contact us to book your Glamping stay now.

1. Kodaikanal Vilpatti Dome Tent - 

Perfect place to celebrate special moments & explore the hidden gems of Kodaikanal with their Jeep Safari options

2. Kodaikanal Poombarai Glamping 

First & the best luxury glamping option in India, with an infinite valley view on one side & cascading waterfalls on the other. Outdoor jacuzzi & hammock that comes with the premium options is just the cherry on top for choosing this extravagance.

Offbeat stay options at kodai foothills:

22Km from Kodai lake, at the heart of Elephant Valley lies this 4 acres of  unexplored dimension of nature. This place is perfect for Birding/ Trekking/ Forest walk with its wide variety of flora & fauna.

Nestled in Palani hills at Periyur amidst sylvan & serene surroundings, this resort is in the middle of a coffee estate 1200 meters above sea level. Many activities are offered that vary with the seasons in this biodiversity hotspot.

An ideal place for relaxing & unwinding in nature, this all inclusive hotel near Thandikudi is home to cultivation of orange, pepper, banana, avocado, jackfruit, silver oak & silk cotton trees. Breathe in clean air with a whiff of fresh lemon grass at 1200 meters above sea level.

  • Kodai Vel Farm Resort

This picturesque location in Thandikudi, surrounded by hills is perfect for group outing with a lot of indoor & outdoor activities. Avoid the monsoon season when nature takes a break to rejuvenate itself.

If you are bored of Kodaikanal & are on the lookout for an offbeat location to escape into nature, Sirumalai has some good resorts to quench your travel thirst. 

This campsite is 20 km from Kodai lake, at 1200 meter above sea level, nestled in the shola forest range. This is a stretch of pure wilderness with access to a private waterfall & offers a splendid view of sunrise. They also have cottages, tree house & serve inhouse food. 

  • Budget Stay available with group/private packages. Contact now to know more.

C. Packages:

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